14 outubro 2011

GREAT musique



live all you love RIGHT NOW. live all your madness RIGHT NOW. live all your good and stupid ideas RIGHT NOW. live your mother, you father, your friends , sisters and brothers. I bellong to a sea of colours, those who I painted and I love them. My hair belongs to a mad hair-stylist inside my head. My clothes belong to a happy and colourfull idea of me called Melissa Redshaw, who remember me whem I was younger. My hands belong to a harp, or a book, or a paper&pen or a painting. But my heart, belongs to a green and sparkly star inside of ME. A star who is more and more shinie at the past of the years. And my smile, that belongs to my grannie and Dulce Frazão

04 outubro 2011

spining around the smush apple in the gRound. Everyone is looking at you,laughting,and you just keep spining around.

you're acting in front your friends your fake vomite,and everyone is starinG & you smile and introduce yourself to the world.

You are werING blue Jeans, an orange coat with a pink shirt, and your hair is all weird and you are just ... HAPPY.

around the purple trees,you're kissing the the wind. And with your white dress,you take some mude of the ground and smash it into your mum´s white dress.

You already ate 10 chocolates, 5 lollypops, put sugar allover your face... you're just... MAD. But happy :D
THAT´S RIGHT, THIS IS my first post in this new blogg.
What is about this bolg: well.... really, I don´t know exactly :D it´s about deep thoughts?? ... Maybe :O
I 'm gonna post diferente things:  photos, memories,life speeches, everyhing I want to share about my life :)

                               FIRST POST
 guess what' I´m crazy and I want to live, but in a different way. More colourfull, more sweet, more sad and happy at the same time, I want to change the world with my green hand.
I WANT to dance and be one dancing person, I WANT to scream to the world "I´M ALIVEEEE,AND I´M GONNA SING TO IT", I want to do films, I want to be at the spotlight,but the spotlight of the stage where I act Shakespeare and I want laught in font of a film camara with fake blood in my hands. I WANT to fall and then fly into a gorgeous arms, I WANT TO CRY AND THEN go into the water and see the beautifull creatures of the sea! & FINALLY,when I´m already old, I want to dance with myself in my livingroom made of cristals and flowers , and then , my name will be in a history book...Doesn´t matter wich one it is,but my full name will be in one :)