04 outubro 2011

THAT´S RIGHT, THIS IS my first post in this new blogg.
What is about this bolg: well.... really, I don´t know exactly :D it´s about deep thoughts?? ... Maybe :O
I 'm gonna post diferente things:  photos, memories,life speeches, everyhing I want to share about my life :)

                               FIRST POST
 guess what' I´m crazy and I want to live, but in a different way. More colourfull, more sweet, more sad and happy at the same time, I want to change the world with my green hand.
I WANT to dance and be one dancing person, I WANT to scream to the world "I´M ALIVEEEE,AND I´M GONNA SING TO IT", I want to do films, I want to be at the spotlight,but the spotlight of the stage where I act Shakespeare and I want laught in font of a film camara with fake blood in my hands. I WANT to fall and then fly into a gorgeous arms, I WANT TO CRY AND THEN go into the water and see the beautifull creatures of the sea! & FINALLY,when I´m already old, I want to dance with myself in my livingroom made of cristals and flowers , and then , my name will be in a history book...Doesn´t matter wich one it is,but my full name will be in one :)

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